top 5 brain boggling puzzles

The Room Two
Improving on the award winning original, the more expansive sequel soon draws you into its dark, atmospheric world. Fiendish, multilayered puzzles require lots of poking, prodding and lever pulling.

Valley £2.99/$3.99
Inspired by MC Escher’s famous ‘impossible reality’ art, this isometric 3D puzzler forces you to think laterally as you visually ‘connect’ pathways so that your character can move between them.

This classic brain boggler sees you placing tracks to guide trains to colour-coded stations, sometimes needing to merge them or blend their colours. The tougher levels may well end up driving you loco!

World of Goo
A golden oldie to tax your logic and patience, it has you building bridges and other structures from gooey balls – some with special properties – to get enough of them to each level exit.

Tiny Thief
Free + IAPs
Rovio’s Robin Hood concept sees the eponymous hero stealing treasure from the rich. You’ll definitely need all your cunning to outsmart enemies, solve fiendish puzzles and unlock all the tasty bonus rewards.